Monday, March 28, 2011


Okay so Titanic is in less than a week!! YAY!!! I am so excited but at the same time I am so nervous. My character is Mrs. Charlotte Annie Tate Collyer, and she goes on the titanic with her husband Harvey and her seven year old daughter Marjorie. Anyway in real life she gets aboard a lifeboat and she lives with her daughter, but her husband dies. I have been doing research on her and I honestly cannot even think about her without crying. How would it be to leave everything, everything that you live for, all of your hopes and dreams on the ship with your husband. To look at the ship and watch everything you have lived for plunge beneath the surface completely gone? Yea I can't even fathom the emotion that must have happened that night. In our show my character and her daughter and husband die. Today I said a prayer to heavenly father and asked him if he would just let me become her even if it is for just a short time. Well he let me become her just like I asked. I cried so hard I couldn't stop and now I am home and I just stopped crying. I mean how would you like to look into the eyes of your daughter, the person you are giving up everything for so that they can have a wonderful life, and know that in just a few short moments all hope is going to be lost? and then look into the eyes of your husband and friends and just have to...I don't know give up. What else is there to do? you have no reason to fight anymore. All the lifeboats are gone. All you can do is wait for the inevitable. Yea it was quite a scary feeling, and I cried. I don't know, Titanic, everything really, everything real with real emotions we sometimes just look at facts because we can't look at the emotion or the people and think of them as real. It is scary to think that all of these awful things happened to all of these people, to think of the fear. I mean to think about any disaster such as a war or anything, because when you really look deep down inside of a person everyone is human. You can't just simply look at the facts of everything. People matter, and their stories matter and they deserve to have them told and remembered. You honestly can't just look at the facts because there is just so much more that you can get. The lesson from the Titanic is that everyone is human. In the end it didn't matter how much money you had, and it didn't matter what race or how attractive or anything like that. What mattered was the relationships that everyone had made in this life. Everyone was afraid, and everyone was going to die. Death doesn't take payments. So don't live your life for the money, just enjoy life and chill out a little bit. Everyone dies at one point or another so just treat everyone right, you don't have a reason to do otherwise. Because honestly in the end all that matters is how you conducted your life, and how your relationships with everyone around you were. don't make people cry, or make them hurt, you never know how much you have time you have left, and if you look back at your life with regret then you will realize with bitterness how much you really missed out on, there are some wonderful beautiful people in this world, everyone has a story. Let it be told. that is all I needed to say ha ha sorry for my rant. :) okay good evening everyone I hope you all sleep well!