Monday, November 28, 2011

back to school

Today was the first day back to school, yay! I was so excited to see everyone...I missed you all! I am so ready to go back to school! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I get so nervous when I am with him...I get scared to hold his hand or snuggle up to him. I love being with him...but I get butterflies. Ha ha everyone says that is a good thing, I just wish I could get rid of the butterflies and just be a cute couple instead of being scared of everything. UGH!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


So Courtney just for you I have made a new resolution to start blogging again. It is Thanksgiving day! :) I have been sick for a week, BIG the musical just ended, I am now a senior, Courtney is back to visit, college applications are due in the next couple of days, and a lot has changed. I guess that I am just going through more change in a short period of time than ever.
I have been thinking a lot lately, it is actually probably just because BIG ended. Oh man that show was crazy, lots of crap happened but we ended up putting on a good show in the end. Okay here is my crazy story about the show, Rachel had a demon baby. If you insulted the doll bad things would happen to you. And I finally got what was coming to me, Monday night the night right before closing I got really really sick. I completely lost my voice the night of closing and I felt super bad. I was so glad I had Austin ha ha he saved me...yet again.
I guess I am just kind of feeling lonely. Courtney is only back to visit me for a week, and I am going through withdrawls from the show. I have spent every minute of everyday with the cast and that is all I want to do right now. I want to go back to the school and be with everyone who I have become so close to ha ha. I actually am excited for school to start again so I can have a social life.
It is Thanksgiving so I just have to say thanks to everyone who has mattered or made a difference in the last little while.
1-I am so thankful for people Michael, Courtney, Shay, Lexi, Rachel, Chelsea, Kaytie, Ryan, Adam Smith, Adam Mosely, Ms. Nudd, Ms. Nelsen, Thayne, Hunter, Jaymie, Austin, Noah, My mom, my dad, Makenna, Makayla, Connor, everyone else who was in the cast of big, all of the seniors who left for the last two years, and everyone else who I haven't mentioned
2- I am thankful for the opportunity to have a job, to go to school, and to be a member of the church
Okay so basically now that I have started thinking of all of my blessings I can't name them all. So I guess I am just thankful for life, I am thankful for the air in my lungs, and the opportunity to sing and dance and touch people, and have people and things in my life that touch me and bless me. I just love everybody.
I feel like this blog is kind of cliche but I have been thinking about it for a really long time and I just needed everyone to know how much I love them and I feel blessed by them. So there is no better time to tell everybody that I love them than Thanksgiving.