Sunday, January 29, 2012

carmina funniness!

-Ms Jenny doing a barrel roll over the hood of my car
-kalin put salt in Adams drink so he stole my water and left spit on my straw and I threw it in his piazza and got water on it.
-Miranda:gosh why are there so many pregnant ladies! Every time I look up there is another pregnant lady!
Austin.: I DID NOT DO IT!!
-Rachel had 2 drinks and no silverware
-Rachel and Adams salt and pepper fight
-tickling Ryan
-Austin and kalin being creepers
-calling Ryan and asking if I had lipstick on my teeth
-lexi:guys look this side if the wall is all krunkely, but this side of the wall is all not krunkely!
-shay:guys guys!!! I don't think it swivels...
-tanner had a green life saver on his tongue and he stuck it out at Miranda and it fell in his lap
-Trevor giving Ryan a wet Willie
-Austin and kalin sticking a piece of paper in peoples ears when they fell asleep
-Austin: guys I would be the best tasting barbeque sauce...especially my calves
Malynne:you don't eat barbeque sauce with your calves Austin!
Austin: noise would be the best tasting barbeque sauce not the best taster of barbeque sauce!
-Dr criddle: turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself
Malynne to shay and lexis:hi I'm lexi....wait!
-lexi: ugh! My sandwhich just puked!
-Dr criddle:she is a girl....young and innocent
malynne to lexis and shay: just like us!
Dr criddle:...but coy
malynne: just like us!!!
-malynne to Ryan:how can you be a doctor of music?
Ryan:excuse me sir but I believe your treble clef is broken
Malynne:well that's what happens when you throw carmina Down the stairs!
-Ms Jenny: you cannot play the penis game in there!
-Brandon getting stuck like a pretzel on the bus
-Adams voodoo doll rex...Ronnie? Or Brandon or Robert?
-Austin stole my perfume and I was checking his pockets
-at the mall Elisabeth ran to Ryan from a very long distance yelling 'RYAN! RYAN DITTY IS IT REALLY YOU!?!! She jumped into his embrace while he epicalky spun her around as she broke down in tears. Everyone stopped to watch (as told by Elisabeth)
-malynne:Austin cant eat my piazza he has his own...
Austin:don't worry I'll catch up
-I gave Austin my piazza and Adam wanted some so Austin gave him all of the already bitten pieces
-Haley and Rachel got the wrong dresses
-Ms Jenny told me to pinch lexis for making stupid faces at the camera, and I did
-Elisabeth:next time someone asks for my number I am going to say #1
Trevor: oh yea well I am #4
-Elisabeth:we should have enemies on facebook instead of just friends, and we can decapitated them instead of poke them.
-malynne: don't they have any normal piazza here like peanut butter and jelly!!!!!

Basically carmina was the best weekend in a very long time!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Okay so I have these really weird deep down wishes that I dont usually tell people. Like they are weird ha ha I cant even believe that I want them. :p okay so here they are...please still love me.!

1- I want to walk into a room and have everyone be stunned to silence becquse I am so beautiful....
2-I also want to know what it is like to be fatally wounded, and have blood gushing....
3-I want to die in the arms of the person who loves me, and then be granted the choice to return to earth to spend the remainder of my life with them.
4-I want to smash a guitar over someones head
5-I want to get hit in the head with a baseball or a golf ball and get knocked out.
6-I want to sing and have everyone who hears it cry because it is too beattiful to handle
7-I Wanttl to tell someone exactly how I feel about them and not even feel guilty about it!!!
8-I just want to get in my car and keep driving and never look back or stop
9-I want to win a fist fight and slam someone against a wall

These make me sound like super dimented, I never said I would do them I just said they were cool sounding things. Ha ha ha I am such a freak!!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Things in this life that make me happy...

'You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray.
you'll never know dear how much I love you!
please don't take my sunshine away.'

'I am like a star shining brightly
Shining for the whole world to see
I can do and say happy things each day
for I know heavenly father lives me!

These are my happy day songs! Sort of like the song 'the sun will come out tomorrow' from Annie.


'When life gives you lemons, grow a lemon tree. When that lemon tree gives you more lemons plant a lemon orchard. When that orchard gives you more lemons, sell them and become rich. Then next time you see life say 'hey thanks for the lemons.' Life hates that!'
'When life gives you lemons, grab some toothpicks and make 'lemon man!!!''
'When life gives you lemons, ask how exactly how an anthropomorphic personification of something (such as life) can give you fruit'
'When life gives you lemons fake a British accent and say 'please sir, may I have some more?''
'When life gives you lemons , genetically Alter them and use your super lemons to rule the world'
When life gives you lemons, grab a marker, draw some faces, and put on a lemon puppet show'
They are funny!

Okay, write more on things that make me happy later! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back to school...

So basically, break was a fairytale. I forgot how things get when you go back to school. When you are on break and your best friend is home from college, and your other best friend comes home from California, and you spend hours and hours with your sweetheart, and sleeping lots and just loving everything you are forget. You forget how it is when your friend is gone and you can't just show up and spend a whole day playing games, and reading, and watching movies, and going to the mall. You forget that your sweetheart has other priorities, and you have to take a back seat until new York. You forget how drop dead tired you are at 9:00 instead of 3:00 in the morning. You forget about worrying about college so much because everything is so perfect. I forget that everybody has a stupid job that actually gives them an opportunity to earn money and they don't have any time for you. You forget that people are exceptionally rude and interrupt conversations. Yea first day back was a harsh reality check

But tomorrow will be better...I will be assertive, 'no you may not interrupt my conversation you jerk, walk away!' Ha ha just kidding :) but come on people seriously...who taught you your manners!!!! I will see my 6yh graders and I will sing and I will dance, and nothing in this whole world will stop me. My new motto 'I am a bulldozer...nothing gets in my way, I just squish it!!!!!' Ha ha ha ha ha ha (an extremely sarcastic evil laugh) nothing will stop me now!

P.s. just learn some manners people...don't talk with your mouth full; you keep your elbows off the table; saying please and thank you would be a nice touch; don't push or shove or in inflict pain upon another human being; say excuse me ; when someone is on the phone or otherwise engaged in a conversation, just wait your for their full attention; a decent level of personal space would be nice, don't stand 3 inches away from their face when speaking, and holding hands is unwanted physical contact unless you are with said person. Now we've got the basics...can you figure it out from there? Or do we need to send everyone back to kindergarten to relearned manners and etiquette?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

once there was a caterpillar...

Once upon a time a little baby caterpillar was born. She was the first child to come to her parents. She had lots of Blonde curly hair and big blue eyes. Her parents brought her home and put her under the Christmas tree.

She moved to Utah with her parents. She got a baby sister caterpillar and they were best friends. She was really bad sometimes, but sometimes she was very good. She was good friends with all the kids in her neighborhood, they liked riding bikes and catching snakes and throwing them at telephone wires. Her parents would tell her that they were going to make her wear pants instead of her 'spinning dress' if she were bad and then she would be very good. When she turned six she got another baby sister caterpillar. Their little house was a little to small for her family now, so with a heavy heart she moved to lehi.

She started a new chapter...but she was lonely. She was put in a class with an evil first grade teacher. She started playing sick because she didn't want to go to school, even though she used to love it. And she didn't really have any friends for a long time because she became very shy about things. In second grade she got a baby caterpillar brother, and finally made a friend. When she was in 6th grade her only friend wrote her a hate note and she was all alone again. When she was in 7th grade she met some friends who would help her...but they really taught her how she should be and what she really wanted, by showing her some bad decisions.

When she came to high school she met people who would become her best friends, and she learner that she was a singer...she would never feel alone again. She started to grow in ways that she never knew she could. She started to be involved in musicals and met lots more wonderful people.

And now she is in her senior year, and getting ready to go to college. And she didn't even realize she has changed so much...but now she is a butterfly. She has been a caterpillar and gone through the hard part in a chrysalis, but now her wings have dried off...and she is ready to fly away, and show the whole world how beautiful she is, and show them how high she can fly!


Monday, January 2, 2012


Some people in this world have this preconceived notion about the world and the people in this world. I just want to put my bit in about that. What some people call karma...I call God. Now don't get me wrong I don't know a whole heck of a lot, I am barely an adult only for like a week, but I do know that God loves us. He is the thing that people call karma. He promised us that he would make things hard for case you hadn't noticed world, you signed up for this. Remember that whole war in heaven story and God let 1/3 of his children leave? Yea, you were a part of that...surprise. we knew what this life was going to be like yet we agreed anyways. We can't let those hard days full of trials get us down, we promised we would stay strong. Those days that we say 'the world is throwing life in my way's sorry, but that is God just trying to bring you home. Because that's all he wants...he wants me back. I am not trying to be all preachy, I just was thinking about what I am going through now and how hard things have been lately. But God also promised he would never give us more than we can handle and he keeps those promises. We have been promised guardian angels, Courtney, Ms nudd, Michael, shay, lexi, Ryan, Austin, Rachel, and brandon these are some of mine. I am not exactly sure what this post is, a thank you maybe. Or maybe taking a step back to realize what God is putting me through and figure out what it is I am supposed to learn I guess? Perhaps I just felt it was necessary to put my convictions down so the world can see what I believe.

I don't believe in karma...I just simply believe God loves me, and that is what gives me life.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wednesday night I went on a date! Michael and I had a great time...however things got awkward when the couple that we were with started making out in the back of my car on the way to the movies. It was still really fun though, I was just glad to be spending time with him. On Thursday I went to the mall with Courtney and lexi and marissa and hunter and gray and Becca and this girl I am not sure of her name. We rode the escalators for like 20 minutes ha ha and Courtney 'elfed it'. We went to bath and body works for what felt like an eternity...that store just smells like too many things. We got some great deals, we bought lots of perfume and lotion and lexi and Courtney got new bags. So of course we went back on Friday with just lexi, Courtney, marissa, and I went back on Friday so marissa could buy a new bag. After the mall we went over to lexis to watch lehi high schools production of titanic...why do we subjegate ourselves to crying
? I spent new years eve with my sweetheart :) we saw Sherlock Holmes, and played laser tag, and went out to dinner and, watched kung fu Panda paturkie for those of you who will be tempted to ask :P then we came back to my house and did cheers with my family, and toasted the new year and the adventures that await! New York, pippin the musical, graduating, disneyland, college...EXCITMENT!!!!!!! such a great week!