Thursday, May 24, 2012

maybe... a vicious little word that could slay me. -Sara bareilles yea this is very much me right now. Maybe I am not good enough. Maybe I will go no where. Maybe I will be one of those people look at and say 'I don't want to be like her.' Maybe the world simply doesn't need me anymore. Maybe I am just me...nothing great nothing special just plain Jane average me. I have no where significant to why not go somewhere no one will find me or come looking for me. I don't like maybes in an ideal world we would all be someone special, but God only made room for so many people on the top and so I will lie here...I will never move, failure hurts more than just walking away right? Am I smart enough to keep my mouth shut when I am upset about something? Obviously not. Give me a while I will be okay.

Friday, May 4, 2012

best night ever

I am so happy right now!!!!! It has been one of the best nights in such a long time!! Michael and I hung out, then Ryan came over and we made cookies for lexi and a card. Jameson came over and we took lexi all her stuff and talked for a while then the boys and I left and went to Taylor's house to watch the proposal. We were laughing so hard! So funny! At this point we were all running out of steam and we all just sat on the floor in exhaustion. Ryan had this brilliant idea we go to my house and break out the pillows and blankets...we turned on lord of the rings for background noise, talked for an hour and then zonked out on the floor in this huge mess of blankets. :) howecer we were all dumb and no one set an alarm I woke up 5 minutes before midnight and managed to get everyone out by midnight...who knew just taking a huge party nap on the floor could be so much fun?! Ah (contented sigh) great great night! Happy birthday Taylor, and thanks my boys for just hanging with me! Love you all so much!!!!!!!