Sunday, April 15, 2012


The world sometimes likes to drop bombs on your head. And it wakes you see things and you want new things and your soul aches to be free and fly away. I have big dreams and I just realized I can live all of them, screw you world if you think anything will stop me now.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hearts is universal. Every human being has it or experiences it. When he looks at me it hurts, not the stupid emotional hurting but a real hurting in my chest that is so quick and so sharp that it brings tears to my eyes. Everyone tell's me he is a dirt bag and I deserve better...I know I deserve better, but maybe I don't want someone better...just him. Sometimes I want to gouge his eyes out so he cant look at me...I guess it gets easier to cope with over time, just not when he plays these horrible mind games with me.

Anyways life other than that is good. We went to the Jimmie's and had a great time. Courtney is coming back in six days. I am leaving for new York Friday, and I get to spend Easter there. And I get my car back when I get home. Yeah I basically love my life!!!! Even if my heart does hurt sometimes. I am better off without him!