Monday, June 13, 2011

vacations :)

I just got back from St. George :D it was so much fun! we went on tons of hikes and went swimming almost everyday and we saw the little mermaid at Tuachan!!! AH! basically I want to marry prince Eric now because he is so attractive and sooo sweet ha ha and I just love him. It was way wonderful it was great. And then on Saturday I went to the 100th anniversary of the Joseph Smith memorial building and I got to sing and spend the day with my best friends :) Courtney ha ha her skirt was way too long and everyone kept stepping on it and she almost lost it a couple of times ha ha it was so funny! Lexi her hair was huge! but she looked beautiful and elegant as she always does. ha ha Derek Vansteeter :) looked like Indiana Jones ha ha :) it was so funny I have lots of pictures. I spent the day chilling with my friends and then I went to lagoon with my family which was fun but I was soooo tired I became grumpy very quickly and I was ready to go home. Then Sunday came and we were pretending that we were still on vacation and we didn't go to church, later (after I woke up) I went with Courtney to a party and then we hung out at her house and I watched her clean her room for like 2 hours ha ha so it has been really an extremely fun wonderful week since school got out and now I get to work so it is still going to be fun :) AH! yay summertime!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Okay summer time is nearly here! YAY! school ends tomorrow and I have to go to graduation. bleah but it is gonna be fun to watch all of my friends finally graduating and moving on. :) mine doesn't come until next year though ugh! This year is going to be the greatest summer ever! I have the best friends in the whole world who are going to hang out with me all of the time and I am going to be working and getting money for New York next year! YAY! ah I am just so excited to for summer!!!!!!