Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometimes my heart is so full it spills out my eyes. I cannot contain the great love that has filled my soul since I realized I am going on a mission. I love everyone. I want everyone to be blessed with what I have already. I think about my mission, not just the eighteen month one but my life long one. My mission is to go home, to heavenly father and take as many people as I possibly can with me. I am so blessed to have the friends I do. I have spent all weekend crying and laughing and dancing and then crying again because I am so happy and grateful all at the same time. Oh how gracious is God. His love is sufficient for not only me, but for all of mankind, and now I get to share his love. He gave us living prophets so that we could hear beautiful messages like this. I am so grateful to all of my best friends who all decided to go on missions too. :) This is so crazy, a whirlwind eight months and then I am out there in the mission field. I love this gospel!

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