Tuesday, December 6, 2011

High school

There are some things about high school that I never want to forget! Ha ha we were talking about some of the best things that have happened in the last couple of years. Such as...

Brandon Neilson and his stories about Lagoon...and the rocket :) ha ha ha ha ha

And in curtains when Alex Neilson sang to Meagan Parr and I about the bad guys, or when Derek Vansteeter almost hung himself, and when Lexi was sitting like a mermaid ha ha, and Meagan and I always telling each other funny stories about George. :)

And Titanic when Adam Smith poked Marie Clyde with a fork and she chased him down the hall with a shovel. Or when Kennedy told everyone in the girls dressing room about her dogs ha ha. or all of the funny conversations we had back stage like about grapefruits and tails. David and all of his telegrams every night and how he translated his whole script into morse code. And during the boiler room scene talking to Courtney up in the catwalks when I was behind the flat. I always want to remember back stage when we were all dead and everyone was crying and freaking out, when kelsy would call to kalin and he wouldn't look at her and they would both be crying. or when Zach would talk to himself about how it was his fault that everyone was dead. or when kolton told someone to tell his wife how much he loved her. or when I freaked out at Rachel because I realized that my whole family was dead and that I didn't know where my husband was. When Kennedy asked Brandon if he meant to paint his face to look like an oompa loompa :). Or when Katie Sandmire and I stood up too fast and knocked Brandon off of the bench. When Derek would watch makelle walk away and then collapse ugh it was so sad...him and Kalin gosh! And when everyone was reunited at the end and it was super depressing but slightly happy ha ha we couldn't decide. Or when Rachel lexi and I decided that we needed to work on our british accents so we couldn't talk in anything but that for a week, and our accents would change to like super proper or like slum of the street, but it really would only last for about five minutes everyday...it was so funny! :).

Our like ginourmous group date where we went to the park and played in the water and climbed the tree and played man on wood chips. Alex never even touched the ground at all, and Dillan couldn't talk ha ha so no one knew when he said man on wood chips. :)

I never want to forget tour and when I asked katie what her nick name was. Or when Courtney had our explosion until like 3 in the morning. Shay's 'family prayer' ha ha ha ha ha "and we are glad that malynne...had a good time on the night cruise, and that Courtney got asked to prom, and that Chelsea found her water bottle!" ha ha ha. Or the last night when we were laughing so hard and Courtney was singing ave maria :) and then we were talking about making out and Courtney said 'that's not making out...that's just prolonged kissing!" and Lexi just had the funniest look on her face! And PATURKIE!!!!!

Or I don't want to forget Shakespeare and we tortured Thayne by not telling him our names :). And when we all fell off the bed at the same time. Or when my eyes wigged out and one was huge and one was small. When we were outside watching king Lear and Shay told Thayne that she was kidnapping his shoulder and he was like 'ha ha get it...shoulder napping!' And when Chelsea was the only one without a snuggle buddy and she was the coldest one. :) When we were all at lunch and someone tried to start a flash mob, but it didn't work and Dillan was like 'if it's not cool enough it should be made illegal!' When the girls from ah robin won! :) and when the dance co won, or when Dillan won and the techies took 2nd! When Kyrie just laid down and fell asleep in the middle of the campus! Or when AF did their thing and it was so oober creepy I though I was going to cry!

Or the encore concert when I sat on the piano and sang Miss Otis regrets. And Ryan Ditty and I pretended that we were dating and then we broke up when Josh was singing ha ha and then got back together.

AH! (happy sigh) I just have the best life and the best friends ha ha :) I love everything!

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