Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay I ask a lot of questions about, would do this if I were put in this situation. Well I finally have an answer, and that is yes. I am who I am, and I believe what I do, and why should I do any differently in a different situation? I have been thinking about civil rights and I have never even thought to be ashamed of those men and women who lead our country, but I am. How could any decent human being do that to another? It makes Me sick. I am furious about what happened. I am grateful for the freedoms that I enjoy, don't get me wrong. Its just I find it hard to accept that I only have everything I do because of awful, horrible, disgusting things that have happened. You want to know what though? I would have walked right along with Martin luthar king, and I would make sure that the whole world knows that I think that they are ridiculous with segregation crap! Alright world, now I have a question for you...where would you have stood? And how on earth is telling a racist joke or discriminating against anyone because they are Asian, or African American, or Mexican, or native American, how is that any fifteenth from Jim crow laws? I will give you an answer..
It isnt. "To me this isn't an issue of black and white it is an issue of what is wrong and right. To correct that wrong I am compelled to do that which is right." Jusdge Bob helfrich. I pray the world will learn this.

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