Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back to school...

So basically, break was a fairytale. I forgot how things get when you go back to school. When you are on break and your best friend is home from college, and your other best friend comes home from California, and you spend hours and hours with your sweetheart, and sleeping lots and just loving everything you are forget. You forget how it is when your friend is gone and you can't just show up and spend a whole day playing games, and reading, and watching movies, and going to the mall. You forget that your sweetheart has other priorities, and you have to take a back seat until new York. You forget how drop dead tired you are at 9:00 instead of 3:00 in the morning. You forget about worrying about college so much because everything is so perfect. I forget that everybody has a stupid job that actually gives them an opportunity to earn money and they don't have any time for you. You forget that people are exceptionally rude and interrupt conversations. Yea first day back was a harsh reality check

But tomorrow will be better...I will be assertive, 'no you may not interrupt my conversation you jerk, walk away!' Ha ha just kidding :) but come on people seriously...who taught you your manners!!!! I will see my 6yh graders and I will sing and I will dance, and nothing in this whole world will stop me. My new motto 'I am a bulldozer...nothing gets in my way, I just squish it!!!!!' Ha ha ha ha ha ha (an extremely sarcastic evil laugh) nothing will stop me now!

P.s. just learn some manners people...don't talk with your mouth full; you keep your elbows off the table; saying please and thank you would be a nice touch; don't push or shove or in inflict pain upon another human being; say excuse me ; when someone is on the phone or otherwise engaged in a conversation, just wait your for their full attention; a decent level of personal space would be nice, don't stand 3 inches away from their face when speaking, and holding hands is unwanted physical contact unless you are with said person. Now we've got the basics...can you figure it out from there? Or do we need to send everyone back to kindergarten to relearned manners and etiquette?

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