Tuesday, January 3, 2012

once there was a caterpillar...

Once upon a time a little baby caterpillar was born. She was the first child to come to her parents. She had lots of Blonde curly hair and big blue eyes. Her parents brought her home and put her under the Christmas tree.

She moved to Utah with her parents. She got a baby sister caterpillar and they were best friends. She was really bad sometimes, but sometimes she was very good. She was good friends with all the kids in her neighborhood, they liked riding bikes and catching snakes and throwing them at telephone wires. Her parents would tell her that they were going to make her wear pants instead of her 'spinning dress' if she were bad and then she would be very good. When she turned six she got another baby sister caterpillar. Their little house was a little to small for her family now, so with a heavy heart she moved to lehi.

She started a new chapter...but she was lonely. She was put in a class with an evil first grade teacher. She started playing sick because she didn't want to go to school, even though she used to love it. And she didn't really have any friends for a long time because she became very shy about things. In second grade she got a baby caterpillar brother, and finally made a friend. When she was in 6th grade her only friend wrote her a hate note and she was all alone again. When she was in 7th grade she met some friends who would help her...but they really taught her how she should be and what she really wanted, by showing her some bad decisions.

When she came to high school she met people who would become her best friends, and she learner that she was a singer...she would never feel alone again. She started to grow in ways that she never knew she could. She started to be involved in musicals and met lots more wonderful people.

And now she is in her senior year, and getting ready to go to college. And she didn't even realize she has changed so much...but now she is a butterfly. She has been a caterpillar and gone through the hard part in a chrysalis, but now her wings have dried off...and she is ready to fly away, and show the whole world how beautiful she is, and show them how high she can fly!


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