Sunday, January 29, 2012

carmina funniness!

-Ms Jenny doing a barrel roll over the hood of my car
-kalin put salt in Adams drink so he stole my water and left spit on my straw and I threw it in his piazza and got water on it.
-Miranda:gosh why are there so many pregnant ladies! Every time I look up there is another pregnant lady!
Austin.: I DID NOT DO IT!!
-Rachel had 2 drinks and no silverware
-Rachel and Adams salt and pepper fight
-tickling Ryan
-Austin and kalin being creepers
-calling Ryan and asking if I had lipstick on my teeth
-lexi:guys look this side if the wall is all krunkely, but this side of the wall is all not krunkely!
-shay:guys guys!!! I don't think it swivels...
-tanner had a green life saver on his tongue and he stuck it out at Miranda and it fell in his lap
-Trevor giving Ryan a wet Willie
-Austin and kalin sticking a piece of paper in peoples ears when they fell asleep
-Austin: guys I would be the best tasting barbeque sauce...especially my calves
Malynne:you don't eat barbeque sauce with your calves Austin!
Austin: noise would be the best tasting barbeque sauce not the best taster of barbeque sauce!
-Dr criddle: turn to the person next to you and introduce yourself
Malynne to shay and lexis:hi I'm lexi....wait!
-lexi: ugh! My sandwhich just puked!
-Dr criddle:she is a girl....young and innocent
malynne to lexis and shay: just like us!
Dr criddle:...but coy
malynne: just like us!!!
-malynne to Ryan:how can you be a doctor of music?
Ryan:excuse me sir but I believe your treble clef is broken
Malynne:well that's what happens when you throw carmina Down the stairs!
-Ms Jenny: you cannot play the penis game in there!
-Brandon getting stuck like a pretzel on the bus
-Adams voodoo doll rex...Ronnie? Or Brandon or Robert?
-Austin stole my perfume and I was checking his pockets
-at the mall Elisabeth ran to Ryan from a very long distance yelling 'RYAN! RYAN DITTY IS IT REALLY YOU!?!! She jumped into his embrace while he epicalky spun her around as she broke down in tears. Everyone stopped to watch (as told by Elisabeth)
-malynne:Austin cant eat my piazza he has his own...
Austin:don't worry I'll catch up
-I gave Austin my piazza and Adam wanted some so Austin gave him all of the already bitten pieces
-Haley and Rachel got the wrong dresses
-Ms Jenny told me to pinch lexis for making stupid faces at the camera, and I did
-Elisabeth:next time someone asks for my number I am going to say #1
Trevor: oh yea well I am #4
-Elisabeth:we should have enemies on facebook instead of just friends, and we can decapitated them instead of poke them.
-malynne: don't they have any normal piazza here like peanut butter and jelly!!!!!

Basically carmina was the best weekend in a very long time!!!!!

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