Monday, January 23, 2012


Okay so I have these really weird deep down wishes that I dont usually tell people. Like they are weird ha ha I cant even believe that I want them. :p okay so here they are...please still love me.!

1- I want to walk into a room and have everyone be stunned to silence becquse I am so beautiful....
2-I also want to know what it is like to be fatally wounded, and have blood gushing....
3-I want to die in the arms of the person who loves me, and then be granted the choice to return to earth to spend the remainder of my life with them.
4-I want to smash a guitar over someones head
5-I want to get hit in the head with a baseball or a golf ball and get knocked out.
6-I want to sing and have everyone who hears it cry because it is too beattiful to handle
7-I Wanttl to tell someone exactly how I feel about them and not even feel guilty about it!!!
8-I just want to get in my car and keep driving and never look back or stop
9-I want to win a fist fight and slam someone against a wall

These make me sound like super dimented, I never said I would do them I just said they were cool sounding things. Ha ha ha I am such a freak!!!!!

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