Friday, June 22, 2012

Through the eyes of a child

So today I was babysitting a few kids in my ward and I was given an odd little piece of insight I guess I have never realized. We were watching MegaMind and one of the little boys asked me if Megamind was a good guy or a bad guy. I didn't exactly know what to say though. He is a good guy at the end but he was 'evil' all the way through. See in a childs eyes everything is either black or white there is no gray area. Murder is bad. Stealing is bad. Friends are good. But in every circumstance there is a gray area. Killing someone can be considered as justified when it is in protection of oneself and ones country. Stealing is bad, but in Les mis Jean ValJean steals a loaf of bread to save his family so how does that qualify as bad? Friends are good, unless you choose friends who lead you down the wrong path in life then your friends are not 'good' for you. So suppose that the world was as simple as all that though, suppose everything was completely black and white. There could be no justice. If a person hits a rough patch and does some bad things, but then becomes what the society around us deems as 'good' what does that make them? can there be no redemption in a black and white world? Is that why we have to have gray areas because there can be no redemption and no justice for those who have done 'bad' things? In a black and white world we wouldn't have prisons like we do now, our government wouldn't get away with bending the constitution because it isn't is black. Anyways just a thought, if everything were black and white we couldn't have beautiful stories like Les Mis or Wicked or anything. No redemption, strange to think about.

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