Friday, June 22, 2012


So I lay here in bed with insomnia possessing every fiber of my soul. I cant stop thinking about america, weird at 1:30 in the morning I know. I went to Ellis island in April. It touched me so deeply. Every person who came through the doors was coming to America had a story and a reason for wanting to come. 'where my dreaming' and my hoping and my scheming and my praying and my wishing to be happy will come true.' -titanic. See everyone had such hope and such vision when they came here. What was the first thing they saw? The symbol of hope for our country the lady liberty. Liberty implying fairness and freedom, it brought such a feeling of hope to know the first word they encountered in America was liberty. What did they hear after that though? Rough voices harsh words that they didn't understand, confusion and perhaps a sense of hopelessness. Yet they somehow kept their vision of hope in their minds eye and continued toward its shining ray. But for most of them they were met with new terrors they had never encountered in their homelands, and many of the old ones. Their vision of hope ripped away from them before they had any time to find their way. Ohkay that was a random tangeant ha ha. I was trying to get to the part where I talk about their hope in our country and how we have forgotten. They put so much faith in here, and now we have no faith. No faith in the goodness of the lord or he goodness of people. They had such vision for their lives, we are without vision for our country, we no longer see America as she could be but merely what she is already. So you see we have lost our vision. We stopped realizing what it is that makes our country great. We don't remember what people sacrificed to get here. We forgot what they saw for themselves. We are selfish and need to see the greatness of our country. We need our vision back. I feel like I post stuff like this all the time ha ha. I love our country so God bless America forever. I am going to try to sleep now.

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