Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So...I met this guy who is really sweet and pretty good looking. He is from Costa Rica and has this super hot accent, and he is just awesome. He always tells me that I am beautiful and that I smell good, and then laughs and jokes with me. We were talking on Thursday night (which happened to be the first time I met him) and he asked me how old I was, I told him that I am only eighteen. Then he stopped talking for a minute and was just thinking. I asked him if everything was okay, he told me it was, so we just kept talking. The more we talked the more that I happened to be attracted to him. However as the evening progressed I found out that he had just turned twenty nine years old and I was kind of freaked out. I determined that I was just going to be his friend because he is pretty cool and I wanted a friend like him. Tonight though, I went to family home evening with the hopes of meeting this other really cute guy (who I have talked to a couple of times) and learn his name. When I got there, the really cute guy that I wanted to talk to wasn't there, however Erick was. I spent a little while eating the food and talking to some of the people that I had met through out last week. Erick just chilled out and talked to a couple of people and it just seemed like he was waiting for me to come and talk to him. I went over to where he was standing with the intention of just saying 'hello, I have lots of homework, it was great to see you again but I have to go...I will see you sometime later this week hopefully.' except that isn't how the conversation went down at all. I went over there, and he told me that I 'looked very charming tonight' and then proceeded to tease me about not bringing him cake (a joke from our previous conversation). I laughed and promised him that I would bring him cake, and he said 'I am going to make sure you keep your promise' Then he pulled out his phone and got my number. We were texting for a couple of hours after that and talking about cake, homework, sleep, and then the subject of dancing came up. He told me that he loves to go out dancing but hadn't been out dancing since he broke up with his previous girlfriend last year. I said 'that's too bad, I bet you are really good at it.' He said, 'I am okay, I can teach you sometime.' I teased him that we weren't going to have time to learn dancing in between the cooking lessons, guitar lessons, and spanish lessons that he had promised me. He told me that he 'could make time for me.' I didn't really know what to say to that, so I was just going to say good night, but then he sent me another text. He asked me if I 'would like to to the bachata dance festival at UVU with him on Friday night.' I told him that I had to work until midnight, and he said 'perfect, all of the best places to go dancing are open later.' And at this point I realized that I was being asked out by a guy who was a decade older than me...what did I do then? I said 'we will have to find a time when we aren't in school and I am not at work.' He said 'I can just teach you here sometime and we will go dancing how does that sound?' I told him that sounded great. Now I am not really sure, did I just agree to a date? Or did he even really ask me???

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