Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wednesday night I went on a date! Michael and I had a great time...however things got awkward when the couple that we were with started making out in the back of my car on the way to the movies. It was still really fun though, I was just glad to be spending time with him. On Thursday I went to the mall with Courtney and lexi and marissa and hunter and gray and Becca and this girl I am not sure of her name. We rode the escalators for like 20 minutes ha ha and Courtney 'elfed it'. We went to bath and body works for what felt like an eternity...that store just smells like too many things. We got some great deals, we bought lots of perfume and lotion and lexi and Courtney got new bags. So of course we went back on Friday with just lexi, Courtney, marissa, and I went back on Friday so marissa could buy a new bag. After the mall we went over to lexis to watch lehi high schools production of titanic...why do we subjegate ourselves to crying
? I spent new years eve with my sweetheart :) we saw Sherlock Holmes, and played laser tag, and went out to dinner and, watched kung fu Panda paturkie for those of you who will be tempted to ask :P then we came back to my house and did cheers with my family, and toasted the new year and the adventures that await! New York, pippin the musical, graduating, disneyland, college...EXCITMENT!!!!!!! such a great week!

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