Monday, January 2, 2012


Some people in this world have this preconceived notion about the world and the people in this world. I just want to put my bit in about that. What some people call karma...I call God. Now don't get me wrong I don't know a whole heck of a lot, I am barely an adult only for like a week, but I do know that God loves us. He is the thing that people call karma. He promised us that he would make things hard for case you hadn't noticed world, you signed up for this. Remember that whole war in heaven story and God let 1/3 of his children leave? Yea, you were a part of that...surprise. we knew what this life was going to be like yet we agreed anyways. We can't let those hard days full of trials get us down, we promised we would stay strong. Those days that we say 'the world is throwing life in my way's sorry, but that is God just trying to bring you home. Because that's all he wants...he wants me back. I am not trying to be all preachy, I just was thinking about what I am going through now and how hard things have been lately. But God also promised he would never give us more than we can handle and he keeps those promises. We have been promised guardian angels, Courtney, Ms nudd, Michael, shay, lexi, Ryan, Austin, Rachel, and brandon these are some of mine. I am not exactly sure what this post is, a thank you maybe. Or maybe taking a step back to realize what God is putting me through and figure out what it is I am supposed to learn I guess? Perhaps I just felt it was necessary to put my convictions down so the world can see what I believe.

I don't believe in karma...I just simply believe God loves me, and that is what gives me life.

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