Monday, September 10, 2012

Right now, I am very sad and lonely. I miss being able to walk down the halls of school and know everyone's name. I miss having lunch in the choir room and seeing all of my friends on a regular basis. I miss staying at school for rehearsals. I miss singing. I miss feeling like I had too many friends to buy Christmas presents for. I miss feeling good at something. Now, I know no one as I walk down the hall. Now I usually eat lunch by myself in my condo. Now I go home after school and do homework all day. Now I sing in my car, that's it. Now I feel like I have so little friends that I spend almost everyday alone. Now I am not good at anything. I am just another face in the crowd who isn't really particularly good at anything in life I am just trying to be okay at everything. I don't want to be just a pretty face in the crowd I want to go and do something amazing with my life to help the rest of the world. I am sorry for the pity me post, I am just feeling very lost and alone. I know I have the Lord and he has given me more than I can even thank him for. Well I have to continue to put my trust in the Lord and pray to not feel stupid and alone like I have for the last week.

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