Thursday, September 13, 2012

The best day at work ever!!!!!!!

Um, so yesterday I was checking at the Orem Maceys and this guy came through my line and started to like fall over and his eyes were rolling into he back of his head. I kept trying to talk to him to get him to regain consciousness and he finally did and so I asked if he was okay and he was like 'yeah I'm okay.' He then went to go and get his wallet out of his pocket and started to pull his card out, but then he dropped his wallet and staggered away towards the door and totally collapsed! So me being the total airhead that I am, stayed at my cash register and said 'um Harken that guy totally just biffed it' Harken turned around and said 'WHAT!' By this time the man has stood back up stagger 20 more feet and totally face planted it right outside the store successfully breaking his nose and splitting his lip open. At that point I actually ran over there and another woman called 911 while I and this other guy are down on our hands and knees supporting him. He woke up and then tried to stand up, the other guy holding him like pinned him down while I ran inside to get my manager Teresa. She went running outside with a wad of tissues for him. He kept trying to get up and leave and the other man was practically sitting on him by the time that the ambulance showed up. They questioned him and the man was talking all weird, and then the police showed up and told me that they had to question me too because I was the first one to see him fall. So I got to sit in the police car and have a soda while I told about his weirdo guy who totally passed out. The guy was in the ambulance and they were checking out his face and he kept saying 'I just want my groceries' and then he kept yelling that he 'Just wanted to go home' and it was incredibly weird. They asked him if he had ever done any drugs and he got super freaked out and pushed one of the EMT'S so the police chief got in on this action and handcuffed him to the ambulance. Then they asked me if I wanted to take them up to the security room so that we could watch the cameras because at this point they had narrowed it down to a stroke, a seizure, or some hard core drugs. So I went up to the security room with the police chief and got to watch the video of him and like creep on him as he went through the whole store. Then he walked into an aisle all by himself looked around seeing no one he pulled a needle out of his pocket and shot up right there because he thought no one could see him. And because he was so high his heart couldn't handle it and he passed out. :) um pretty much the best day at work that ever happened. I got to get interviewed by the police and watch security cameras and get paid to watch some guy be a total freak! IT WAS AWESOME!

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