Saturday, September 15, 2012

The temple

So I went to the Brigham city temple open house yesterday. It was incredible! definitely one of the most stunning temples I have ever seen. I went with all of my extended family and so I had all of my little cousins with me. Crew had this pamphlet that they gave him at the beginning, and he would go into every room and flip through the pamphlet until he found the picture that corresponded to the room we were in, then he would jump up and down and run to anyone close and hold it up and say 'read this please.' It was so cute, he even asked random strangers who most willingly obliged, I mean who could say no to that? And Emery my baby cousin she would get upset and cry until my mom started showing her the pictures of Jesus, she would stare at them for as long as we would let her. Kennedy kept asking me to explain rooms to her, so I got to explain the baptismal font and the mural room and the mirrors in the sealing room, and the celestial room. When we walked into the temple I started to explain about the terrestrial telestial and celestial kingdoms and she was like 'oh yeah I know about those. So when we all go to heaven, this is where we are gonna hang out huh?' and it was the sweetest thing. The simplicity of children will never cease to amaze me, it was so simply put, but so profound it was incredible. Then we decided that we were going to dinner. We drove all the way around Brigham city to find a Mexican food place, but everything was closed. We ended up driving all the way down to Layton except that everything down there closes at nine! so we drove around for a while until we finally found Outback Steakhouse. We were a party of 18 so it was a tight squeeze. A party of 18 takes forever and a day to get their food so we were there until like 10:00 PM and then still had to drive home. I slept the whole way so it was great. Except I am super sick so I couldn't breathe the whole night. Ugh I hate being sick! It is so dumb! I never want to leave my bed but then I have to go to work and school and other dumb but necessary stuff! Anyway, the Lord is gracious and has blessed us with beautiful temples. We should utilize them and visit often so that we can be with our families forever. :)

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